About Us

Welcome to the Thanctuary where Nature Welcomes Art and a mutual relationship of respect and inspiration elevates the imagination through vibrational kinship with Gratitude .  You are welcomed by nature’s art spirits, the Daldlings, who have guided me into the innermost forest and shown me what and how to paint.  I believe I was born to make art . My father, an art spirit also had  a tremendous influence on me. I have been blessed to be impressionable and observant, as well as creative. When, as a teenager, my family moved from Los Angeles, to Lake Tahoe, the sheer beauty and majesty of nature swallowed me whole and I have been forever inspired by it. My method of communicating with people and nature is through my art.  By paying inordinate amounts of attention to the trees, the light, the sky, rocks, water, I have been drawn into the spirit of these beings and through the art, I have experienced what they are made of. By attempting to draw, paint and sculpt them, I become them, I understand them, I communicate with them and they with me.  Since my encounter with them (the Daldlings) in 1972, during one of my deep forest observations, they have guided my artistic inquiries into what it would be like to live in a human type body in congruency with nature. On my paint panels, the Daldlings revealed themselves to be 2 feet tall, with cleft skulls, and otherwise, human attributes, all except for their proprtions and hobtoed feet. They live in complete harmony with the forest and all of its creatures and they have shown me the inner workings of the natural world, which they have allowed me to express in art.  In collaboration with my dear friend and writer Michael J Makley, we have created their lore and stories.  I am not sure if the Daldlings are the result of the art or the art is a result of the Daldlings, but I have many more  nature inspired paintings inside of me yet to come as I explore the inexhaustible worlds of the forest.  More than anything, they have revealed to me that there is an “innermost forest” in each human being, a deep desire to connect to nature and return to the ways of the green.  My mission is to activate that “green heart” in everyone who observes my art.  By virtue of inspiringly painting the natural world, I imbue that world with my awe, and my appreciation,  The art, as an expression of my  imagination, amplifies nature’s attributes: the greens, the light, the vibrance, textures, and the depth.  Informed by the intelligence of nature, my human intelligence interprets its beauty to communicate with the my fellow human that the art creates a vibrational receptor in the beholder to experience the deep nourishment, vitality, wonder and joy that comes from being in contact with the cosmos and the natural world just by looking at the painting. If I can achieve anything remotely close to this, I have done my job as an artist. That is, I have been inspired by nature to make art which, in turn, inspires the viewer to love nature. This love of nature hopefully translates into an inspired action to preserve this planet and to celebrate life.  The Thanctuary represents the coming together of the Innermost Sacred and the Outermost  Sacred, reflecting the ultimate teachings of the Daldlings. Everything that exsists in nature is giving all the time, the proper responses are acknowlagement, being in gratitude and creating something beautiful from that gratitude in order to give back to Source’s beauty. This is the role of the artist, to sustain this loop of creation, by staying inspired, astonished and constantly creating.






Art, a life long platform for expressing my stay on this planet, has been: loyal, pesky, seductive, joyful, and distractive; my nirvana, nemesis, reason, excuse, rational, love, and compass.

I see/feel life’s wonder-filled mystery unveil itself daily.  At times its complexity is daunting, oppressive, and overwhelming.  Then there are times when it is so clear, vivid, and beautiful I am inspired beyond words.  It connects me to the ever present “now,” a timeless state.  A place where the witness reveals itself as the mirror it is, evoking an over-all sense of joyous elation while facing infinity.

Seeing nature as a portal to reveal creative states of being and spatial rhythms are the what OF my art IS.  The pull is magnetic, genetic, and poetic.  In recent works the flow is “let,” merging human intellect, imagination, and passion with the ever present organic matrix, exposing new and inspirational ways of seeing, feeling, and being.

Dream awake, Dan Jones