About Us

Hi Dan Jones here, welcome to the portals of my imagination. California, west of it all is where I live. Tucked away in the foothills of the Sierras, on the way to Lake Tahoe. El Dorado county has been my home since 1964. Before that I lived in southern California, El Monte to be more specific, in the years right after  World War two, anyway I am what they call a  baby boomer. At the age of 68 I'm still an artist, my younger version loves that, I always wondered what
it would be like to be an older Artist, feels great new ideas and ways to be from the inside out is the what of for me. Wonderful family and magical friends. Sort of a custom relationship system has developed over the years. Love prevails. 

Being an artist has worked wonders for my life. Started out as a sustainable artist back in 1979, I was a first responder and an artist. For me these two profession did not mix well, so I took the art fork in the middle of the road. What journey. I started out  a little kid that drew all the time and built things. My dad had the talent and he shared it. Thats how I learned to build creative things by watching him and being his gofer. Thats a great way to learn. What's a Gofer? Well it's go for this and go for that, for the maker. He also instilled in me a work ethic, you have to know how to work. I thank him almost daily, he's on the other side now; however the essence of gratitude feeds the morphic feilds. 

I went from cartoon characters to the invention of a new species of north American little people who thrive in earth rhythms. In defining them (The Daldlings) I defined my self. They taught me about nature, how to paint, how to build things, even a philosophy. Not just how but why to paint and build...content a reason to do art.

For most of my career as an artist I did commissions. In short I built or painted art for  people. The skill in that is not only how to make things but how to connect to them.(the people) How to move them. I call it ordered nexus. It really is being a detective by talking with them to find special ways of communicating what they want to feel. In these galleries you can see the types of projects I was involved in. There are many more then here but these give you an idea. Some jobs lasted a week or two but  the ones I enjoyed the most took about 6 months to a year. Total immersion.

I do not do as many of the big projects these days. The one thing these projects all have in common...they are allot of work. It takes allot of time/in/on I call it to get the art out. Painting was always the desired path I wanted for this stage. I did not paint for my career, so paintings I made were ideas I wanted to create. I commissioned myself. I recommend every artist have at least one vain of self expression even if no one understands why your doing it. Create your feel.    

There are prints available now, you can go to the store and purchase 8.5" x 11" images. You can also order larger images that can take up to 3 weeks to receive. You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase items. Please leave contact information so we can stay in touch. Thanks for taking the time to be here.


 Art Statement 

Art, a life long platform for expressing my stay on this planet, has been: loyal, pesky, seductive, joyful, and distractive; my nirvana, nemesis, reason, excuse, rational, love, and compass.

I see/feel life’s wonder-filled mystery unveil itself daily.  At times its complexity is daunting, oppressive, and overwhelming.  Then there are times when it is so clear, vivid, and beautiful I am inspired beyond words.  It connects me to the ever present “now,” a timeless state.  A place where the witness reveals itself as the mirror it is, evoking an over-all sense of joyous elation while facing infinity.

Seeing nature as a portal to reveal creative states of being and spatial rhythms are the what OF my art IS.  The pull is magnetic, genetic, and poetic.  In recent works the flow is “let,” merging human intellect, imagination, and passion with the ever present organic matrix, exposing new and inspirational ways of seeing, feeling, and being.

Dream awake, Dan Jones